Wedding fun!

I was just chatting on Google talk with someone (cannot reveal her identity, it would be too obvious) when we landed on the topic of marriage and weddings. Honestly, I can't imagine the day one of us gets married... I still feel young and like a kid, at times.

So we indulged in conversations pertaining dresses, wedding preparations and all those minute details. I ended up surfing around to look for dresses on the internet. There are so many nice dresses that one can choose from.

Look at these fluffy dresses.. they make me feel like you're in a Disney fairy tale kind of thing if you were to wear them.


Ah, something for the bridesmaids? Simple tube type of dress.

My wedding dress probably should be as nice as this... (but I am not as skinny as the model!)

Or as big as this..

Wah, I love this black dress! It looks real hot!

This is real nice as well..

Bridesmaids can wear these as well.. simple yet elegant-looking.


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