Outbreak (1995)

I watched a 1995 movie called 'Outbreak'. It was part of the schedule in my Health Issues module. Good movie, made me wonder what would it be if there really was a real emergency and an outbreak such as that. Kill everyone thinking you can contain the infection?

Or go all the way out to find the host? The host turned out to be a little monkey smuggled by this Jimbo character (acted by Patrick Dempsey, waaaaay back in 1995!) from Africa on a ship to the States.

The viruses mutated and became air borne. How scary!

Of course, everyone thought there was no cure. But the thing was, the Defense people actually kept the antibodies from a serum sample in secrecy, for biological weapon. Ah, what ethics!

Of course, the other issues being addressed was things such as standard precautions, needle prick injuries and of course, the famous ethical issues and the Oath one takes before embarking on a medical career.

Though it's a decade old, the movie is still good to watch.


jazz said…
wah.. watched a lot of movie for med hoh.. hmm..
lynnx01 said…
Only two lah so far.. haha

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