No assignments.. recession time?

I do assignments online to earn some side income for myself. Lately, there have been a stark reduction in the amount of assignments I get. Is that a sign of recession coming my way?

Or perhaps God knows that I am supposed to be studying.. after all, I should be a full-time medical student. Well, but then again.. economy recession isn't supposed to hit a normal person like me! This is simply absurb. Almost ridiculous.

On a very different note, I just realised that it has been a decade since my family moved to this petroleum town of Miri. Just so incredible to look back and realised that we are Mirians instead of Kuchingnites.. though my Mykad still has the Kuching address printed on.

10 years, people!! That's almost half of my life.


jazz said…
Yea, you're supposed to be studying la. God is telling you too. =)

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