Nearly passed out

I never felt this before. I was jogging in the park at 4pm. It was the usual 5km I aimed. Both sides of my abdomen gave out sharp, piercing pain. In my head, I was thinking, must be the green tea I drank just now!, I ignored the pain and continued my pace.

It was at my kilometre 4 when I felt slightly fatigue. Cmon, continue to push on. The only thoughts in my head was the coming CNY which is just a month away. In between, I was comparing the so-called suffering I was experiencing versus the actual suffering Christ was in when he was flogged and tortured by the Roman soldiers before being crucified.

When I finally reached my 5km mark, I slowed down. It was then everything wrong came to me. I was gasping for air. My head felt like bursting. My vision got blured. Palpitations were felt over my chest. I couldn't stand straight. It was that very moment I thought, I could just pass out anytime. I held on to the bar. I could see my friend who was jogging at the other side of the park. I thought to myself, at least if I faint now, she would come to the rescue.. I won't die in vain..

Well, it was really quite scary the after effects of pushing myself too hard over a jog. Maybe it was the heat stroke, maybe it was the pain in my abdomen. I just felt awful.

Lesson learnt - do not go overboard.


jazz said…
Wah.. yeala. dun go overboard la.

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