Murray's sports school?

According to a BBC report, Andy Murray wants to open a sports school in the future. Well, Andy Murray is the current world No. 4 in men tennis, a Brit and one who has been predicted to have a bright future. He is one of the rare ones who actually lead head-to-head wins against Roger Federer.

Oh well.

I was thinking.. a sports school! That is really cool. In fact, I would say that is something I cannot quite imagine in the education system I have been brought up with. Since Malaysia has actually quite some of its education roots in the British system, it is no surprise to find some similarities between the two countries' education system.

Anyway, my point really is really.. well, I don't know how to exactly put them in words. Let's just say that I have been brought up in a system which emphasizes so much on the academics side that I lose out a whole lot when it comes to physical education or sports. This is one thing I truly regret, if you were to ask me about my childhood and upbringing.

Schools in my country still look at sportsmen or athletes who are the so-called 'lazy student' or 'back class' students. This is a truly absurd mentality, but sadly, it still happens. Well, there are those who excel both in sports and studies but those are just a few handful.

I would want my children next time to have the equal opportunity to take part in sports and if they think they want to do get into sports on a professional basis, why not?


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