Manage the debt

Alright, so what am I doing here online again?

Fair enough that as a full-time student, I need to study. After all, I am having study break. But life must still go on, must not it?

Well, in the midst of the economy recession now, I have so many issues to discuss about. The last time the global economy crisis hit the world, I was just a mere 11 or 12-year-old who understood so much less.

The 22-year-old me today learnt much more about financial management. Money is one thing that if you do not manage well, you sure find yourself in a lot of problems. With the introduction of credit cards and various financial schemes that allow overdrafts and loans to be approved easily, the targetted group of consumers are made vulnerable. Vulnerability comes when people get too sucked into shopping and spending more than they can afford to.

When the ruins have been done, the find themselves in trouble. Credit cards are being slashed out. Your credit record diminished. Debt come piling in. From a bliss, things just turn out to be more than a gloom. You start to regret and realise that you should have planned way ahead time.


Avoid Bankruptcy today.


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