Krispy Kreme and Zhu Ge Liang

but you still plan to do nothing

i was thinking.. either way, it's not going to end up good.
1. continue to dream and not find out about anything. verdict = won't work
2. do something and find myself disappointed. verdict= wont work

no 2 is wont cause dissapointment
i get a bite of it
no.2 is at least you have a bite of krispy kreme, but you dont get to eat it again
no.1 is like passing by it
and one day close down ,and you still dunno what it is really like

hahah. good analogy

i agree, you make a big deal out of it , and blow it out of proportion, and scare yourself ....and make more reasons, and more excuses to stop yourself.

yea. i overanalyse huh.
i do it all the time. time and time again. without fail.

yealoh. if you're talking about going to war, then its a different thing.

i think i make a good zhu ge liang planning for war?

Zhu Ge Liang (Takeshi Kaneshiro) in Red Cliff

zhu ge liang analyse, but he have action, you analyse and analyse, and negative and negative, and do nothing...

wow. u always can convince me.
hahaa.. cos everytime after i chat with u, i feel so energetic to make the move.

what will you lose... all to gain nothing to lose

then i think think think.. analyse analayse and analyse.. then change my mind.


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