Funky eyeglasses of quality

Last Sunday, my housemate asked me to accompany her to the local optical shop because she wanted to get herself a replacement for the pair of glasses she has been wearing. She wanted something trendy looking, yet affordable. Well, to cut the story short, I did not follow her to the local optical shop because I was so tired. I ended sleeping while she was out purchasing her new pair of eyewear.

When she came home, I was rather surprised to find out about her experience shopping for the glasses. She got her eyes checked by the optician, chose a decent pair of frames and paid a bomb for it. Yes, a bomb! It was so, so expensive that I dare not even utter the price out here. Fair enough to keep in mind that it is almost double the price of my current pair, and yet I thought mine was expensive enough to start off with.

Indeed, these days, we see eyeglasses getting trendier and trendier, yet the price also gets bigger and bigger. Is the quality really justifiable by the huge amount we pay for?

I went around searching the net and found offering quality eyeglasses yet only charging something like US$15 for a pair. Now, that is a really neat price and what a great bargain! The quality must be comparable and after doing some reading up, I realise that is indeed offering optical glasses for less than what we should be paying. I think if this gets out to the general public, there would be a huge impact towards traditional optical shops. People get to realise their dreams of going fashion trendy to go about wearing different frames for different ocassions.

For a whole new online shopping experience, you can expect virtual try on with the frames you choose. Shipping to anywhere around the world is free if you purchase more than one pair. What is greater - they have got various trendy frames to suit a variety of styles and tastes. Find out what satisfied customers got to say. Maybe I should bid goodbye to contact lenses and start spotting glasses around. Glasses are like the new pink.


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