Eventful day

It was definitely an eventful day for me. I went out earlier this morning in hope to find the white doggie which I met several times at the patch of grass outside my apartment. I had bones from last night's Uncle Bob chicken, but the doggie was nowhere to be found.

After a boring 2 hours of lecture which I logged on to MSN the whole time with my mobile phone, I went to help out in fruit cutting at the staff room. I left my MSN logged on and by the time I came out at 12 noon, my battery was completely flat. I didn't know the wifi cost so much energy on the battery. I just fully charged it the night before.

The Christmas at atrium had free lunch. I was just a little tired by then. I had PBL after that (ughhh) then went off straight to become the angel for the Christmas event..

'Greetings, you who are highly favoured. The Lord is with you.'

I think I scared quite a number of people. Some even thought I was possessed. What the... haha.

Anyway, Christmas event was something simple, small yet meaningful. Just beautiful. Love the play and the dance. Beautiful.


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