Just back from being the angel in campus. I must put up some photos here, if I ever get to see them. Of course, provided they are decent enough.

Anyway, I am here today to talk about how time has flown by. In the flicker of an eyelid you would be the ever red, ever festive Chinese New Year. I do not know if it is a customary thing or what, but part of the celebration always include a round of blackjack, poker or something of that sort to add into the festive mood. Do not ask me why, I am not aware of the actual origins. At least that is what I have been noticing since young.

Well, for those of you who yearn to play these all year through and not only during the Chinese New Year season, you can always drop by this casino online. has recently added a very popular game to its software: multi-hand blackjack, where players can play up to 4 hands in a single round. As many blackjack players know, multi-hand blackjack is a faster, more exciting and more challenging way to play this popular game.

The best thing about this site is that tips and strategies are included for those rookies or those who want to learn more. Find them all in the online magazine by


JimD said…
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