Andy Lau to wed Malaysian Carol Chu, girlfriend of 23 years

Andy Lau to wed girlfriend of 23 years

Well, you do not have to be an intense Hong Kong pop fan to know who Andy Lau is. For a non-chinese educated person who does not read or follow much of the East Asian entertainment news, I could not miss a 'legend' like Andy Lau himself. A peak into today's dailies, I read about Andy Lau, 47 marrying Carol Chu (or Carol Zhu, for more precised translation), his girlfriend for 23 years.

23 years!

Isn't that looooooong? I am pretty amazed. Actually, very very amazed at how far people would go. Or deep, as well. I do not know the actual details of the love story but it seems quite nice the very fact that this couple is planning to have a wedding on Pulau Redang.

Now, Redang is on the east or west coast? Forgive my lack of geographical knowledge.


jazz said…
wow.. so long only married? tsk tsk tsk.
lynnx01 said…
Celebrities.. what to do.. haha

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