It was crazy. This morning, I woke up at something like 4.26am and I was just so alert. I suddenly thought of something I wanted to check badly on the internet. It was actually my log entry for Stat Counter. Yeshhh, I wanted to track a particular visitor on one of my blogs.

I didn't know that the connection was pretty bad in the wee hours of the morning. It was like GPRS all the way. Crazy, definitely.

Anyway, I went back to sleep eventually because I thought it was a crazy thing to do.. I might as well study or something. Thank God the melatonins were not yet destroyed. I went back to sleep before waking up at 7am for a morning jog. Went for a 4km, 1km short of my usual routine because I did not want to overexert myself.

I came back to find a text on my phone. Sweeeeet. It said it was delivered at 5.41am, but I didn't remember receiving that early in the morning.

Made my day, kinda.

Well, though no reply, the day went quite well.


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