The Vending Machine: Epilogue

I noticed an odd behaviour I developed just recently. I made it a point to pay with my paper money, hoping that I would receive coins as the change in return. I once even opted for a RM1.80 sardine sandwhich instead of the RM2.00 variant. Therefore, by paying with two RM1 notes, I could get 20 cents in return. I would secretly smile to myself everytime I get some loose change. I could feel my cheeks turn warm. It was almost like a sign of rejuvenation.

One sunny afternoon, it was as if I received a revelation - I was still waiting for another 'vending machine' encounter.

I didn't know if it was a voluntary action, but my feet just carried me as if I were riding on clouds up to the where the entire encounter took place. I held on to my coin pouch tightly, almost as if I needed it to breathe.

Finally, after like eternity, I reached that very spot. My gaze blurred for a moment. I rubbed my eyes and my pupils dilated.

It was gone. The vending machine was gone. Gone. It was a deserted empty spot.

I stood there, stoned.

A part of me crushed. I felt as if a blade just went through my heart and sheared it. I didn't understand why I was mourning over a missing vending machine. I had this blank look as my mind traveled back in time, vividly recalling the moment when our gazes met. I remember how he looked so intensely into my eyes, almost electrifying. I felt the warmth when our hands touched, even though the can of drink must had been icy cold.

I wondered if I regretted not asking his name. Then again, I somehow felt the assurance that it really didn't matter if I knew his name or not. I liked it being mysterious. It started to feel a strange feeling of comfort. Peace surfaced in me.

I shrugged my shoulders and finally flexed my neck. Alas, I uprooted myself and walked away from the scene, grinning to myself. Silly girl.

Perhaps some things are meant not to be known after all.


jazz said…
That's the end? but u're gona start writing up some other stories? :P
lynnx01 said…
Hahaha.. I decided to end the story because no more inspiration. Let's see what other things I can come up with.

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