Sniff sniff

I just woke up from a 12-hour sleep. Prior to sleeping, I swallowed two tablets of paracetamol. Just sensing that I could be falling sick (like, a common cold) very very soon. The symptoms are just so evident now.

Why oh why should I be getting sick at such a wrong time? I think if I don't fall sick at least four times in a year, the devils just cannot let go of me.

Oh well, what can I say? Life still goes on no matter what. Thanks to my twelve long hours of sleep last night, I think I had numerous dreams during the so many cycles of rapid eye movement alternating with non rapid eye movement phase of sleeping. Since I have been sleeping so much, I think my range of dreams were widen as well.

I could not remember all my dreams. I had some such as dreaming about the house we have. Maybe I miss home, but somehow the home in my dream was like a very very nice, neat and organised one. Maybe the interior designers did a huge role in the dream home. The walls were painted to soft colours, the beds were nicely arranged. The whole perspective of the room just looked bright and beautiful, definitely unlike the real dark rooms we've got in actual life.

I probably dreamt about some cute hunk in Tactical Pants, but I must have forgotten. Speaking of cute guys, I suppose I must admit that I am a sucker when it comes to guys who play musical instruments, particular the guitar for the moment. It can be pretty distracting, that was why I prefer closing my eyes during worship session. Then after service, I was walking at the corridor when I saw the cute guy... Alright, I am trying to be very neutral here. Honestly, I just admire cute guys with a distinct sense of style handling the instruments, nothing else. No romantic feelings what so ever. For goodness sake, I do not even know his name!


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