Today, after PBL, I went up to the canteen's cafe corner to grab my breakfast. I bumped into my PBL mate who is like a hi-bye friend. He asked me if I was eating there.

I replied, "Yeaaa.. hungry.."

So coincidentally, he happened to bump into a fellow doctor who interviewed him for pre-admission. TWO years ago! So he told me and I smiled politely while continuing my food hunt. The doctor was asking my hi-bye friend where was he matching to and all those.

Suddenly, the doctor asked where was I heading to.

I smiled (a little puzzled, though) but politely answered him that I was going to University of London.

He then asked, "How?"

I looked at hi-bye friend. He looked at me. We were puzzled. Smiled only.

"How then now that you both are separated?"


It then dawned in us that he thought we were a couple. It was soooooooo hilarious. Never in my entire life people mistaken a guy as my boyfriend.

Then in an awkward reply, my hi-bye friend explained that we were not together.

I guess the doctor must have felt quite bad. He apologised for the misunderstanding. It led to me wondering what gestures did we have that caused him to conclude that we were a couple? So the very funny!

Another misunderstanding. More like hearing misunderstanding.

My cousin (the one we call kor kor) called me.

"Eh.. do you know any *ental hospital good in KL?"

"What? Mental hospital?"

"Not mental lah! Dental!!"



jazz said…
Hahaha.. that is funny. btw, why ppl can mistaken a guy with u as ur bf, it's cos ppl always assume a guy and a girl, maybe they are together. but of cos, if the guy and girl holding hands, it's more obvious.
lynnx01 said…
Haha, some mature couples don't always hold hands I suppose? Do you?
jazz said…
Yea.. im not sure how msia is but some couples hold hands and some don't. maybe some couples dun feel it's comfortable to hold hands in public.

i seldom hold hand in public cos calvin always put his hand on my waist.

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