Hiding under the table

I remember that very second I dropped the 2-month old sister of mine. She cried, screamed and shrieked.

My mind screamed as well. I cried out almost as loud.

I ran and hid under the solid, red study desk. Well, the desk is still with us 'til this very day. I was so scared that I have injured my own blood sister. Cerebral haemorrage, skull fracture, whatever possible lesions went through my mind. Well, not exactly in these medical jargons (I was only 8 and I didn't know I would one day be studying all these, anyway).. but somewhere along that frequency.

I was scared my whole life.

My friend Becka coincidentally called in that time. I refused to answer the phone.

I was scared. So scared that I might have caused the little baby sister her life. Would she become retarded? Mentally incompetent? Every single possibility ran through my eight-year-old mind.

I blamed myself.

Well, fourteen years later, I realised that this girl has turned out quite normally. She has her shares of tantrums, weird behaviours, spoilt traits and funny mentality (thanks to Chinese primary education!), but above them all, this is one, bright girl.

Her name is Meepit. She is still cute 'til day. In her own ways. The cutest from the way she expressed her ideas, the words she say and the funny ideas she gives.

I remember fondly how she was probably 6 or 7 that time. She stood beside me when I was downloading songs from Napster. The moment I walked away, she took over. When I came back to the computer, I find 'Tiggerific' and Winnie The Pooh theme songs on my Winamp.

Did I mention that no one taught her those?

Of late, you can find that it is more of this Meepit teaching her sisters about computer-related stuffs. HTML, Photoshop brushes, she explores them all.

Happy birthday, Meepit!


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