Complicated? Maybe not

I have to agree at times.. girls tend to overanalyse things. I do not know how the neurons interconnect so complicated-ly, but somehow or another, girls analyse just so, so much.. not knowing that the slightest idea never even crossed the guys' minds...

I can think of 1000 reasons why I should not be the first one to text a guy. But trust me, even if I defaulted the 1000 reasons and texted him anyway, he wouldn't have a clue to question any of the 1000 reasons why a girl should not be the first to text a guy.

Did I get my message over clearly?

Well, I can't seem to put my thoughts properly in words. I think I am losing my mind a bit these days. Fluctuations.

Anyway, a friend says this..
guys dont go think too much wan. usually its girl that overanalyse things

Alright, so I take it that girls do analyse things more in depth, anyone want to testify to that?


jazz said…
Yea, I totally agree with u. It happens to me too, sometimes i overanalyse things and got so worried and my frens had to tell me not to worry so much.

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