Behind the scenes of 'The Vending Machine'

The author of 'The Vending Machine' talks to the interviewer about her very-random short story, her personal thoughts and aspirations.

So, why must it have to do with vending machines?

Well, it's just something random. I was looking for F&N strawberry one day and realised the campus canteen didn't sell it, so I went to the vending machine to get it.

OOOooo.. so it was a real life experience? What's with the strawberry?
What? (Laughs)
I've got to admit - it was a real encounter minus many made-up elements. There was indeed a guy behind me but it did not turn out like what the story depicted.

Hey, how about the strawberry?
Ah, try nursing your sorethroat with it. Try and tell me if it works.

Why do you write fiction?
I think it is a good escapade to a world of fantasy. I used to daydream and make up all sorts of stories. I think it helps the mind to think. Maybe this is the only outlet for my creativity.

The only?
Uh huh... I am really not a creative person, anyone can testify to that.

Do you wish you had such a vending machine encounter?
Me? Well, I believe in every girl, there is a certain degree of wanting to meet the 'one'. However, in reality, life isn't that way. People comment that I never got into a relationship because I didn't try hard enough to look as if I were interested. I beg to differ in this area. I don't know.. I've got my own stand..

You are telling me you're 22 and you have never been in a relationship?
Yeah.. what's wrong with that? I am straight, alright. I do have my share of crushes and crashes. Things just never worked out, I suppose.

Are you desperate?
Oh, please! I am fine at the moment.

Do you like any guy at the moment?
Hey, I thought this interview is about my written story? Why ask about my personal life now?

Sorry. Back to the topic. Would you want to write more short stories in the future?
Why not? I just saw a cute guy and I am thinking of building a plot from there.

Goodness! You and your 'cute guys'!
Well, what's wrong with cute? When I say 'cute', I do not mean only looks. I wish to define someone cute as attractive. It has to do with personality and style. As a girl, I admit that I do not just look at looks... unlike guys. I don't know, it is a deep thing. Definitely not superficial.

Being a medical student and a blogger who maintains so many blogs, you've got at least five, what can you say your aspirations lie in?
I think blogging is a very good tool to express my thoughts and creativity. It is a place where I can lay my fuzzy thoughts into words which may or may not be meaningful to others. I love journalism. Even though I have never been a good writer, I still love writing a whole load. As for my medical career, it is a childhood dream. I cannot imagine doing anything else other than medicine. It is a passion. Sometimes, I get tired along the road, but the core of the passion is still there. I would want to see a MBBS behind my name in the future. Then, perhaps, I start thinking about other things.

Thank you for your genuine answers. I wish you all the best in your under-taking.
Welcome. Thanks for interviewing me.


jazz said…
Haha.. there's a behind the scenes too. Funny ler, it's like really writing a real fiction. =) so who interview u?
lynnx01 said…
Hahaha.. I made up the interview lah. LOL!
jazz said…
wah.. very creative.. sth for the blog too.. :D
Lawrence said…
That's good writing! Write some more. :)

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