Log homes, the new trend

I believe that homes are meant to be renovated, refurbished or expanded from time to time. Well, it is all about being dynamic, and not just static. In life, we need excitement. Although one may argue fervently with me that a home is defined more intrisically than just the physical values, I would like to take a stand in this issue as well. Yes, without the love and warmth of the family, a home is nothing but just a house with furniture. However, the physical aspect takes into great account as well. I truly believe that a family requires a conducive environment, at least a place which is accomodating enough to cater for the family members.

Having said that, family tend to grow. One year you have just the married couple, few years after that you find addition to the family. Yes, the kids! With that, a family usually look into renovating or moving to a new house to accomodate the family growth. As I mentioned, being dynamic. Some families opt to purchase new houses because they want a totally fresh change. Others who may be tied down with budgets or simply are not interested in moving to a new place might just choose to renovate their current home. It is interesting to note also that of late, the trend is to extend one's existing home with a log cabin, rather than changing the structure or interior of the house proper.

Speaking of log homes, my family who went to Paris Disneyland end of last year, have been giving me wonderful comments about log homes. It was their first time experience staying in a log cabin during their trip to the Disneyland in Paris. It was awesome, says my dad. My mum comments about the coolness and relevance of having a log home. They are all very excited about it.

Well, since it is quite an acceptable trend to extend your home with a log cabin, why not look into the option? You do not have to mess up the entire house just to renovate one area. You also do not have to get into the hassle or packing and unpacking your things just to move to a new place. Log homes are cooling, relevant and environmental friendly as well.


jazz said…
Yea, it is nice log home. =)

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