Is medical school for me?

Recently, I find myself more absorbed in tennis than medical school. I could spend hours reading about tennis, researching about tennis and watching tennis alone. I do not recall the last time I had an intense passion like this. Studies have been easily neglected.

I leave behind a question for myself - am I losing this passion to really work on and succeed as a medical professional?

Am I really cut to be called a doctor? I myself is not sure. I worked my entire schooling life just for one aim - to earn a scholarship. I now have a full scholarship to study medicine.. yet I do not know. I feel that I have missed out sports in my life. I was never an active person during my childhood. I picked up tennis as a leisure activity simply because I stayed near two tennis courts once, during my earlier teens days.

Now I am 22 and I wonder if I have taken the wrong path.


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