It is a warm day. I have been sleeping the whole day. Yes, someone spell 'p-i-g-g-i-e' please. Well, I feel like I am just like Shoobie who sleeps practically the whole day.

Anyway, my point was.. the warm day. Yes, the very warm day. I thought, hey, no rain. Hormones may disrupt my daily life, but heck, I need to get out. Pasar malam! I haven't been to the weekly pasar malam since the beginning of this term. Uncle Bob fried chicken, the variety of kuihs, fresh fruits... you name it, they have got everything!

But when I browse through mentally the list of people I could just randomly call to go to the pasar malam with me, I came up with none. Yes, it is that pathetic! I feel that sometimes, I just do not invest enough in friendships. I look beyond the whole point of having close friends.

It is sad, I just do not have those real buddy friends I could randomly call out.

Whose fault is it?



jazz said…
I wish I am there so u can bring me to pasar malam. I want to eat the kueh tiaw u ordered for me last time. And my ... i forgot what to call. Aih..
lynnx01 said…
Waffles? Uncle Bob?
juijien said…
can call me ma:)...i ever ready pasar malam kaki...but i oso dunno who to call most of the time...hehe...n end up staying at home oni..but then i wasnt in kl oso dat day...remember me next time if u wanna go k...:)
lynnx01 said…
Haha, I did think of you, but you weren't around. Nevermind.. after your exams.. perhaps?

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