Fiction: The Vending Machine

The sudden craving for a fizzy drink drove through my skin. Laden my guilt of the calories content in the over sweetened soft drink, I still persisted. I quickened my pace to the canteen. As I reached the congested canteen, I glanced through the refrigerator for a strawberry-flavoured F&N. There were green tea, Pepsi and isotonic drinks lined up neatly but no pink coloured cans seen anywhere.

Disappointed, I walked off and consoled myself that perhaps it was a sign that I shouldn't be consuming such an unhealthy soft drink. I strolled along the campus aimlessly and before I knew it, my feet brought me to a vending machine. My face lightened up, the guilt had probably been washed off. I need a drink to fizz me up, my head screamed.

My hands dug into my school bag to look for small change. Ugh, I did not have enough loose change. Tough luck. I stared at the machine and my mind went all fuzzy.

Suddenly I felt a stare from behind. Embarassed, I managed a quick smile and moved to the side to allow this person who had been lining behind me all along. He urged me to go ahead, he probably was thinking I could not make up my mind, but I smiled back politely (what's with smiling??) and told him I didn't have enough change. Unsure of what how to further react, I quickly walked off to the rails looking down to the ground floor. I landed in another blank stare, zoning off to another dimension. My brain just could not seem to function.

A tap on my shoulder brought me back to reality. The guy at the vending machine was holding two cans of soft drink. One of them was a strawberry-flavoured F&N. He handed that one to me.

"Have it," he smiled.

I accepted the icy cold can and reached out to my purse to pay him, hoping he had change for me, but he refused.

"It's for you, no worries."

"Errr.. thanks," I muttered.

I continue to stare blankly as I opened the can and had a sip. He continued to stand beside me, having his drink as well. I smiled again at him, this time feeling even more foolish than before.

A gulp of fizz down my throat and I felt rejuvenated. It was like energy oozing into every muscle in my body. I took another gulp and realised I looked like a glutton in front of this stranger.

"What's with strawberries and girls?" he suddenly asked.

"Huh?" I turned to him.

"I saw you staring at the strawberry F&N since just now, so I thought you might want it," he started to look apologetic.

I laughed. "Have you heard that this strawberry drink can cure sore throat?"

This time, it was his turn to laugh. He nearly choked. I smiled. This time, with pride, as if I knew an antidote which has been a secret for centuries.

"No, I don't," the laugh ended and with a more serious tone, he asked, "You're having sore throat?"

"Kinda.. feels dry." I responded and drank another gulp. "It helps, you know. I don't know why, but it has been working on me, at least."

"Interesting.." he also took another sip from his can of Coke. "I prefer caffeine, though. Booster," he continued.

I smiled. Again. This time, unsure how to response.

"What is your name? Never seen you around before."

[Author's note: This is purely fiction. I realised I haven't written fiction for ages since I left school. This is one to start off with!]


< u3! y!nG > said…
Woah.. so good. thumbs up! I thought it was u until i read to the bottom. i was like, sigh.. not u pulak.
lynnx01 said…
Hahaha! You should have read the title that says 'fiction'.

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