And now I wish

A Korean friend and her mum just came over to see the place.

And how I wish I have learnt some Korean language! They were communicating in Korean and goodness, at that moment, I just wished I had paid more attention to Koreans speaking in those drama series. At least I could have made something out of it.

Well, it is just amazing how the same we may look (Chinese and Korean) yet when it comes to language, such a diverse difference! I have to admit - language is my weakest point.

Well, last but not least, can you point out which is Chinese out of this supposedly all-Korean Super Junior group?

Honestly, I can't. I just know that the sole Chinese member sings in the 'Beijing Huan Ying Ni' Olympics 2008 theme. But I can't recognise his face here.


Ealing said…
lol I KNOW :D

the chinese is the 2nd from the left on the 2nd row. :D hankyung's so funny! XDD and heechul's a real joker though XD

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