Vacation: Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight, an island off the south coas of England, has always been a well known for its amazing and outstanding natural beauty. Its beauty and charm has been well known even since the Victorian times.

Definitely the must-visit holiday resort, Isle of Wight has many to offer. One can opt to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life to an escapade where life resumes to just strolling along the sandy beach while enjoying the sea breeze. Many choose this island because of its warmer climate, due to its geographical location being more to the southern side.

Isle of Wight Holidays is not without the intellectual or historical side as well. One could immerse himself into the rich historical background of this unique territory. Do you know that it is one of the areas with the richest dinosaur fossils? The wildlife in this island is tremendous and exceptional.

For those who prefer adrenaline-pumping activies, Isle of Wight is a famous place for sailing. It has been hosting various sailing competitions throughout the years. For those who prefer to be just chill out, the resorts are plentiful. Indulging in the beauty of the wildlife, the well preserved landscape and the rich traditions of the island is the best escapade for most.

Isle of Wight has definitely become a traditional seaside holiday for most Brits or foreign tourists alike.


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