The pride of the Brits

Don't tell me you do not know who Andy Murray is. Yes, he might be Scot, but hey, he is technically a British after all, isn't he?

Well, he might have created an uproar when he said that US Open is his favourite, while he should have well satisfied his homeland by saying Wimbledon instead.

But this is one thing you cannot escape from - Andy Murray is into the finals of US Open 2008! I think to beat Nadal is really an accomplishment. Rafael Nadal has been really in tip top condition. It is amazing to see how Murray managed to do it.

As for his opponent in the finals, Roger Federer... the four-time defending champion. Of course, I am siding Federer. I hope every bit that Federer would win. Murray will have many more chances to win.. he is only 21, so, yes, I am affirming this once again. I want Federer to win.


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