27 mins 30 secs

I haven't jogged for over two weeks. This morning, I woke up later than scheduled, but I pushed myself to the park and jogged the 10 rounds, equivalent to 5km. The sky was gloomy by my third or fourth round, so I thought, fine.. just make it a 2km jog. But at every complete round, I changed my mind and pushed myself for another round. The sky got slightly clearer after awhile, but it soon drizzled, but I persevered. I almost wanted to give up at round 8, but I thought again, "Hey, just two more rounds.. c'mon!"

My sheer determination was coupled with, yes... my new Creative Stone Plus which has a stopwatch, thus explaining the 27 mins 30 secs timing. I think it was satisfactory, considering that on average, one round took me less than 3 mins, and the fact that this is my first jog since a fortnight!

Oh, did I mention that I was listening to David Cook's Analog Heart album? I am starting to be quite a 'rock' person lately. A change of wind.


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