Running away from reality

I woke up late today. 9am, precisely. For the past two days, I had been waking up early and jogging some 10km per day. No, I am still gaining weight. But I needed the beta-endorphin badly.

Today, I feel rather jagged.

Last night, my sis was so furious at me for even mentioning the word 'Wimbledon'. She is so mad at me, I assume it is because she actually traveled there and found that she not only spent so much pounds, but she could not enter the place, anyway. Hellooo.. I gave her the website guide to the ticketing and stuff, she never read! Of course you are to be denied entry without a ticket. Duh!

Then, her fumes are all over me. Thing is, I am never at peace when any of my siblings is angry at me. I feel very unsettled. It is not helping much that my exam is tomorrow and I am feeling so not at peace, thanks to the angry sibling.

Sigh... not jogging this morning also added to the 'jagged-ness'. Whatever it means.


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