Friendships during childhood

When I was young, it was a popular tagline to say, "I don't (be)friend you!" and one would use both his or her index fingers to make an action like a catapult to 'end' the friendship. Childish, one may think but that was what I went through during my childhood days.

A friend would come to me in the secret and ask, "Do you friend so-and-so?"

Then I would be caught under pressure because either way, I can't please both parties. Rivalries happen even in the classroom, trust me. Kids can fight silently, and silent wars are the worst.

I remember two incidents when I really cut off friendships.

1. I stopped talking to this girl who was connected to the guy I had a crush on. I just stopped talking to her. I don't know why. But we reconciled after some years. She was really upset and confused why I stopped talking to her. Little did she know it was because of a silly reason - a guy, of all things!

2. I stopped befriending this top girl aka my rival in class when she refused to share her Fear Street books with me. We used to love reading RL Stine's Fear Street. Whenever I manage to borrow a Fear Street book from my sister's friend or the library, I would lend it to her to read. But one day, I found out she had managed to get some Fear Street books but refused to lend it to me. So I said, "Goodbye, friend". We did not talk from Standard 5 to 6. We only reconciled in a youth camp a couple of years later. In fact, last year we met up and had a wonderful chat.

How childish I was in the past!


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