Travel boom

Little do many know that happens to be one of Australia's oldest travel website. Yup, that's way before the word 'blog' was even birthed. You may think 'oldest' probably means most established and most successful, but do you actually know that it was suffered losses when it under-performed in the travel industry.

However, last year, a breakthrough finally came. Some capitalists bought over a significant portion of the business and VOILA! Take a look at yourself the vibrant website -

Do you know that this online travel portal doesn't online serve Australian travel purposes? You can book flights straightaway from this web. Not only that, international airfare are also available for international flights. Find cheap flights to fit in your budget. Be assured of quality with good deals when you fly - offers flights from promising and established airlines such as Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Jetstar and United Airlines. What a variety!

Find yourself to your travel destination of your dreams all here!


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