The strive to be ideal

In this world, we always strive for perfection. I dare not even use this term. I rather call it 'ideal' rather than perfect. We strive for a good career, health, beauty.. you name it. Sometimes human beings are just weird beings. We are never satisfied with things, we keep looking toward something far. Something to keep us going. As for my personal experience, I am in this situation too. I am now battling a big race with my own body. I've been diagnosed a condition which leaves me very little room to slim down. Central obesity. It is not easy. I have tried all ways to shed some weight. Ask me - I've done them. May it be running, sit ups, hoola hooping, strict diet control, tea consumption, drinking lemon .. they all amount to nothing at the end of the day. What pains me so much is that my genetic makeup does not help much too. I have central obesity in my genes too, my mum claims. Came from Dad's side. Brrr... but I choose to fight on this battle. A 21-year-old shouldn't be so overweight at this age. I must not give up. I am still striving. I know I can do very little but my faith as small as a mustard seed can actually move mountains!


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