Shoobie Attack!

You can say the greatest fear I have is that Shoobie runs out of the house compound. Just now, as the gate was opened, Shoobie stood up and got so active at the patio. I had to grab and hug him, and yet he managed to slipped away. I quickly grabbed him, but he ran off! To my horrors, he ran towards the gate. It was like 'Code Red!!'. Meepit tried to stop Shoobie without touching him (she's lazy to wash her hands?!?!?) but he escaped. Then, third line defense - Daddy! He stopped Shoobie from the front as I got up on my feet (I was on the floor previously) and grabbed his fat body from behind.

Little did we know mischievious Hei Gou escaped! Daddy shouted 'Heigou!!' and Heigou came back to Daddy in 'danger zone'. We held on to both of them as the gate closed.

What an attack we had tonight!


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