Pingo your friends!

Just last night I suddenly craved to talk to my old high school buddies - one in the UK, another in India, another in Brunei. But my handphone credit was so low, I couldn't even make local calls, what more to say international calls!

In dire situations like these, think Pingo.

Now, you can expect cheap calling card to India! Best offer, please note, readers - you get to purchase a $25 calling card for only $17! Best of all is that Pingo is not like other calling cards - it has no hidden charges. So what you pay is what you get and more. Forget about the frustrations of realising you have been double-charged when you check your bills at the end of the month. With Pingo, you can be rest assured - No hidden charge.

Exclusive for readers - this special phone card discount coupon "ppp3" is valid for $3 off Pingo. More and more bonuses, ain't it?

Also, those who rely heavily on mobile phones, Pingo Mobile now enables you up to 90% savings on international calls. There are so many other reasons why Pingo should be your choice. You get so many savings and benefits. Trust me, you've gotta dig out all those old, dusty phone books and start dialing some numbers.

For those who love to talk but are always under very tight budget, Pingo gives you so much opportunity to save and spend - there is this Pingo's calling card affiliate program, also known as Refer-A-Friend where you get to earn calling credit every time you refer one new friend into the Pingo program.

It's time to Pingo, friends. Get your international prepaid calling cards today!


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