A phone call

I just received a phone call from a friend whom I haven't spoken to for quite some time. It is warm and nice to hear from friends once in a blue moon. Those are the friends who move on in life, but haven't forgotten you. I am this type of person. I may not be sending gifts or text messages all over but that does not mean I have forgotten my friends. An occasional email, text or phone call is great enough to perk things up. I enjoy just catching up after one year or not meeting. Or suddenly finding a friend married with a baby. It is amazing how fast everyone is moving on in life. It is wonderful to see new creations, new bonding and new roles my friends adopt as they move along in life. I may not be an expressive person but deep inside, I really feel for my friends. When they get good grades, I rejoice with them. When they mess up some things in life, I ache for them. That's the beauty of friendship. Beautiful like flowers.


< u3! y!nG > said…
So, the friend that u mentioned has a baby has finally told u?

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