Me cosy bed..

All of different colours, patterns and motif.. but who cares?

Do you know that I have always wanted matching quilts, bedsheet and pillow cases? But somehow or another, I just don't seem to have them matching. Instead, I use one from another. Come to think of it, I don't think I really mind after all. I particularly love the heart-shaped bedsheet. It is so vibrant and cheerful-looking, giving a solid look to the room. The blue duvet is nearly 4 years old. It is a cheap brand I bought in the local hypermarket. It serves me well as a blanket at night. The bolster looks so small -yes, it is a mini bolster I brought all the way from home!


Chen said…
as long as it's comfy and cosy..
who cares about the colour and pattern? LOL
lynnx01 said…
Yes!! No money to buy matching bedsheet and duvet cover sets anyway. :)

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