The London trip

Since my cousins are currently residing in London, we thought it would be rather nice if we could visit them there some time in the future. We may get to stay at their home, but if we go in a big group, their house definitely can't fit us all! It is high time to actually research about accomodation in London if we are really serious about planning a trip there.

Say, we really fly to London. Don't tell me we are going to stay in London the whole time! Instead, we should be grab the golden opportunity to visit other places nearby. A must-have in the list is Manchester, most probably because Manchester Uni was once my dream university. I am sure to be the first to volunteer to check out the rates of Manchester hotels. I am sure besides the university I am dying to visit, there are many other attractions in Manchester. I read about live bands, theater shows and other fun entertainment.

There is always something for everyone when you visit the UK. London accomodation has its own high end luxury style hotels or the cheaper inns for budget-tight people. As for me, I am in the latter group. I definitely need the budget type accommodation. Don't be disheartened, London isn't as expensive as you think. Believe it or not - you can actually grab a room at only GBP14!

Start planning your holidays, folks. It is possible to travel under budget. It is even more fun in the process of planing the trip.


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