In the car to breakfast just now, we were just casually talking about how expensive living cost is in this country. One has to work so many years just to earn a car. Probably many many more years if you're thinking of buying a house.

It is simply impossible to save up enough to purchase a house if you think of the low bank interest nowadays. By the time you save up, the price of the house is already shooting up high. That is when loans come into interest. Loans are like the saviour for those who have fixed salaries every month. It is only through loan you can think of owning your own property.

For my family, we just purchased a house two years ago. Our down payment was less than half of the price, and we loaned the rest of it. It sounds daunting as my dad has to pay a certain amount every month. But without homeowner loans, I don't think we could ever get a house!

Besides that, unsecured loans are another area people are looking into. Everyone is looking for fast cash for reasons of their owns. Loan is no longer a taboo for having no money. It is one of the necessity in life nowadays with such fast-paced development.


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