Learning to let go

My friend has this tag line lately. We are both quite troubled with housemates' Don't Care attitude. My friend always tells me - learn to let go! I think she's right. We must learn to let go grudges (not our good values of hygiene, kekeke!). We must learn to serve. It's alright they don't do housework. We might be regarded as the maid or housekeeper, but we learn about the humility of serving.

But saying one thing and putting it in action is totally two different things. I sometimes find it so hard. It is easy to just mouth something but when you're asked to do, you'll realised how tough it can be. Therefore, I believe this is a learning process. We cannot just tell ourselves to let go right away. Instead, we have to slowly learn to accept and adapt. We have to learn to forgive and forget. We have to learn to be more patient. We have to learn to try to tolerate. There are so many things incorporated in just one single line, don't you think the mouth is sharper than the sword now? It is definitely sharper than the actions!


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