Is it real?

Sometimes it feels surreal - how much earning capacity we can have on the internet. Other times, my parents would express their skepticism towards my online revenue-generating activities. They worry I might get cheated off big time. I don't dare to hope so much. I only want to earn some side income (don't worry, my future job will be stable and BUSY!). So far, I have earned USD100 via Google Adsense. It has been credited into my bank account, translating to over RM300. From Advertlets, I have earned slightly over RM100. It is possible, is it not?

Now, the second generation earning style is the PTR. I still don't know what it means, but I should join and see if I really get paid or not. No harm to join. They don't impose any fee, even if they do, I am not willing to pay. Hahah.


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