Internet scams and such

I just read from the local dailies about a housewife who has been ripped off from an internet scam. The internet is so vast, which so many earning opportunities. Sometimes, things seem so real that we cannot differentiate or make judgement.

I, on the other hand, is being cautious and not over-greedy. I shall not 'invest' in terms of cash or money. As for writing for sponsored posts, I don't mind. In fact, it is safe to say I have made my first RM1000!

Writing sponsored posts kinda gives a fresh new breath to my childhood dream of becoming a writer. I know, sounds so lame and so not me! But it is sort of happening now, don't you think so? I enjoy being paid to write!


Pyroboy1911 said…
Rm1k eh? i only started recently, only got like 5 posts from payperpost, so not i donated my first USD20 to American Red Cross..=/
lynnx01 said…
I am tithing 10% to church. Not bad, continue to grab opportunities. So far I've taken over 60 posts. A bit greedy eh? I also join bloggerwave and blogsvertise.

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