I heart PPP!

If you've been aware of the badge I put on my sidebar, you would have known I've become a faithful postie for PPP not long ago. Never have I thought I could turn my blog into a revenue. It actually never crossed my mind.

But today, it is slowly turning into reality. It is amazing how blog marketing can make a big difference - in the advertising world, it is a new channel for companies to showcase their services and products. For the blogging world, it is a new and innovative way to earn some side income.

It is amazing how efficient PPP (that's PayPerPost for you who is still wondering..) is! You get to pick on qualified opportunities, blog on them and get paid for the post. It keeps my blog alive, well balanced with commercial breaks and more interesting stuffs day by day.

As for the money I am going to earn, at first, I was so into online shopping. I was thinking of buying some of the things I dream of in my life - handbags, fragrances - you name it. Anything girly.

But as time passes, I realise there are more things which I need to prioritise. So for today, if you ask me what am I going to do with the money I earn, I will whisper.. family holidays! Since young, I've been dreaming of holidays abroad. I hope with this money earned, I can bring my parents and siblings for holidays. Besides that, I hope to give a big angpao (red packet) to my parents during CNY. I know, I'm not married yet. But it's just a sign of love and gratitude after earning my first income.

I am a Postie. How about you? Sign up today!


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