Have you ever thought?

Have you ever thought of your dream wedding?

Mine is simple.

I want a church wedding. I cannot imagine to be wed anywhere other than in a church. Or chapel. Or cathedral. I don't mind no big big dress. I want to wear something simple yet elegant. I want us to look all glowed up on that day. I want the aisle to be real long so I can walk each step reflecting of my journey so far.

I think it is simply so, so amazing to have a wedding. I think it is so, so impossible to think of this right now. Not only I do not have a candidate, I've never been in a relationship before. Moreover, I have other things to think and do other than planning a wedding here.

But girls can dream, can't there?

I like to dream of the guy. Tanned, not too tall and strong. He is mysterious, quiet but loving. He loves dogs like Shoobie. He must not be hairy. He loves tennis as much as I do. He can play so many musical instruments. He is one who fears the Lord.

Dreams.. they bring me so far!


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