Hartz Chicken Buffet

I remember Hartz as the fellowship place. The times I were there were always for someone's birthday, someone's craving or someone's farewell. This place gives me great memories - both bitter sweet. Even secretish! Right.. there is no such word as secretish, I suppose. But we did discuss about things that are so personal I didn't think I would discuss it elsewhere. Anyway, Hartz is really a place of one of the kind. And notice the last time me - I was not as fat as I am today! I thought I looked better that way. Despite the tan. Yet... Oh well.. what is there to mourn over. Now going back to the shopping mall, the Hartz Buffet isn't there anymore. I found it relocated on the ground floor. It has downsized. The floor area has been reduced. The charges have been raised. Cost-cutting scheme? It will never create the same atmosphere like it used to be. I guess this means I'd treasure more of the wonderful friendship moments like this. They will remain in my heart - so warm, so touching and so loving. I miss these brothers and sisters so so much! They were the reason I could smile back in that dreadful place. They were the reason I could laugh and joke and stick my tongue out.


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