The green thing

I am drinking some green solutions, claimed to be good for the ovaries. It tastes absolutely weird and horrifying. Oh well..

But I realised how much trouble and pain Mum has to go through to obtain the leaves from the plants. She has to plant them and asked from friends. Planting is not easy. You need soil, fertilisers and special care. There is so much risk that the plant might wither and die. It is also not helping that Shoobie our pet dog sometimes accidentally pee there.

Mummy is a great mummy! Come to think of it, I shouldn't complain. Instead, I should be thanking her for taking the trouble to research about the drink and the effort to getting the plants and finally cooking the herbal thing.

Thanks, Mummy!


l y n n w e i said…
err? ehhehe....ovaries? green?

to make it flourish like a tree?

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