Froggy attack

This phrase is like a sibling secret code. We created it during our short weekend stay in Bintulu. I must not reveal why 'froggy attack'. I was sort of the premier to that phrase. But it dragged on.. but come to think of it, it's quite hilarious!

Siblings relationship can be very special yet complicated. It is funny how you find some siblings fighting like enemies, and the very next second, they start patching up and be best friends. I think this is the uniqueness of having siblings in the family.

For my family, we have funny, altered languages. They are like our secret languages only known the ones in the family. Froggy attack, this phrase may not ring a bell to many, but when we mouth it, the four of us would roar in laughter. That is how the special bonding of family comes about.

Are you close to your siblings? Have you ever fought and swore you would never want your sister as a sister? Have you tried to curse your own siblings? I hope that at the same time you treat your siblings like enemies, you must know that they are wonderful blood-related people to you. Blood is thicker than water, don't you think so?


l y n n w e i said…
yea..froggy attack!!

others are like.

froggy wake up, froggy wake up!

froggy float! froggy float!

it's hillarious!

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