Dreams are fascinating

I am back to the land where internet isn't always stable. It get so slow it pisses me off, especially when I need to grab opportunities on payperpost.

But anyway, I must share this dream I had last night. I couldn't sleep last night - fearing that I would oversleep. My flight was 6.30am and I was turned down when I went to check in the night before. I was so mad!

Anyway, I dreamt nonetheless. I dreamt of returning to Vista. It had a shopping mall in the basement called Tun Jugah. Odd, don't you think so? In my mind, I was so happy because we could hang out at the McD there to study 'til late night.


Anyway, the shopping mall was really nice. Brightly lit and poshy-looking. How could they dig under a lousy to build some world-class shopping mall? Then I met an aunty whom I asked if there was any unit for rent. She said she had over 15 units of shophouses (Vista has shophouses? Crazy!) which she plans to rent at RM21k per month altogether. Another weird dream. Then she suggested I don't take shophouses. It was weird. It was like a semi-circular row of shops.

What a weird dream.


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