The best thing about not being attractive

I always thought how come I am not slim enough.. pretty enough.. etc.

Today itself, I learn how being fat can save me from a lot of troubles.

Just now, I accompanied my friend WL to a nearby shopping mall. She wanted to develop some photos and we took dinner. The guy at the photo kiosk was FREAKY

Yes. Freaky.

He seemed to have some speech impairment of some sort. He kept repeating his phrases in chunks. He kept pressing the calculator.. 59 photos x 70 cents = RM41.30!

Non stop in slow motion, can you imagine!

Then he kept asking WL this and that. Commented on the photos.. freaky! She made another mistake by wearing our batch jersey with, YES.. you guessed it. Her name on it. The guy even asked for her phone number! *FAINTS

It was plain weird and the kiosk printed sooooooo slowly and the guy was standing soooooooooo near to WL I got so pissed off.

Thank God for Ange who came by out of the blue and helped us a bit by asking the guy not to look at the photos etc.

The guy was targetting at WL.. but I was traumatised all the more. This never happened to me before. Maybe because I am fat. Unattractive. Whatever. But for once, I thank God for being unattractive!

It was so, so traumatising!


< u3! y!nG > said…
Eii.. That was scary.
lynnx01 said…
Yup! So freaking scary.

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