Believe it or not.........

Ripley's Believe It Or Not.....

Believe it or not? That's Shoobie...... Believe it!

And Si Lynthia is also a bit too much. Bathing him? Or feeding him bathing water!?!?!?!?

Shoobie is our 3-year-old pet dog. This photo is him when he's still a puppy. He used to love to bathe so much. We would just bring this blue tub out and he would climb in and wait to be bathed.

However, nowadays, it seems so hard to convince him to bathe. Once you mention 'pong pong' (a loose slang we use in our local language which means bathe), he would give a 'grrr' sound, especially when he is asleep during the scorching hot sunny afternoon. It takes several attempts to lure him into bathing until he finally gives in.

Bathing also means using the correct shampoo. He is now on a special anti-fungal medicated shampoo because he had acquired fungal infection not too long ago. We are very careful about his diet now. No beef. But as far as I recall, this mischievous dog loves beef! We even have to substitute his favourite dog food from beef-flavoured to chicken-flavoured.

After being bathed, Shoobie smells so nice you just want to hug him!


l y n n w e i said… cute!!!!! bear soft!! so soft!!!
lynnx01 said…
Heheehhehe.. and he only occupies half the pail!!

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