Argus... what's that?

I've been following the Payperpost Blog - Argus will be released soon! Each day my heart beats faster - I am not sure if Argus is going to bring more harm than good, especially for a non-American blogger like me who might be outcasted since the majority marketplace in PPP is the States. Or Europe, for that matter.

So at the blog, there have been a few suggestions for little new Argus..


What?? The only thing that sounds right in my mind is no. 4, and for that, I wanna say I vote for!! Wooooohoooo!!

Bzzooka is hard to spell. Wompow sounds like pao (chinese pao) where is temblor sounds unsophisticated.

Cloudshout sounds cool and top-class. I can imagine sky blue colour background to go with the layouts. With fluffy, cartoon-ish clouds carrying opportunities which bring more money!!

Now... PPP as Cloudshout? I hope my earning capacity isn't affected after all these changes.

*Keeping fingers crossed*


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