I thought of writing a post commencing my 50th PPP post but I ter-shoot, in the midst of the excitement.

Anyway, I've written over 50 posts! I love being a Postie!!

Take care. Selamat Hari Raya. Look forward to more curry, rendang, satay... exercise more!

I simply love love love blogging. It started as curiosity way back in 2002. Half a decade ago, it seems like yesterday. Then I slowly learnt how to maneuver my way to express myself over the blog. I went on hiatus temporary out of fear when I found out a friend knew everything that was happening in my life by reading my blog. I was in shock. He seemed to know everything and anything.

After a couple of years, I came back into active blogging when I found out everyone else is also blogging. Blogging was the latest trend. I started to love writing again. This love has grown so much for the past few years. I met new blogger friends all over. I get to read about personal experiences. I learn so much from reading and writing altogether.

I hope to blog more in the future. Just hopping that my tight schedule permits!


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