Weighing the consequences

I know I sound super greedy when I just relentless blog sponsor posts just to earn the little money I could earn. I don't know if it's ethical or not. But I do bear in mind what I blog about - I avoid topics which contradicts my values and belief system. I hope I can earn money though.... I really want to learn to work hard for some little money.

Meanwhile, the effects of taking oral contraceptive is weighing on me. Weight gain... (pants so tights!) especially central obesity, the mood swings, the bloatedness.. everything!

Sometimes I wonder if I would ever meet a guy who would love me for who I am..

Sad case lah!


sharon said…
hey, yeh..it'll cause PMS-like symptoms, mood swings and all. Are there other alternatives to treat ur condition??
Dancing Queen said…
If the guy can't accept you the way you are, then don't marry him. :)
lynnx01 said…
Sharon, I hope the effects would wear off...

DQ, hahahah give 'free' also no one wants.

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